tatsuno valve

tatsuno valve

Item Parameter Item Parameter
Medium Petrol,diesel,kerosene etc Ration 5L

Preact 0.5L

Ambient Temperature


Displayed Value when main Valve Closed

Medium Temperature


Voltage Input

AC220V 50/60HZ,AC110V 50/60HZ
DC12V,DC24V etc.
Pressure Range


Voltage deviation -10%~+15%
Lead Length 1.5m(standard) Relative humidity ≤95%

Flow DN20(3/4”)

>40L/min(Big Flow) 3~4.5L/min(Small Flow) Insulating Strength ≥20MΩ
Working Mode 100% Power 2x5.5W
Anti-Explosion Mark Ex mb II T3 Coil Class H
Material of valve body and valve cover Copper or Aluminum Alloy Life cycle Under nomal working condition, the continuous cycle time is above 800,000